Time for a little nip & tuck!

On 6th January 2019 we will close our doors at normal hours for a little while and get some well deserved work done both inside and out.

We will be re-opening our doors in early February - date to be confirmed shortly.

Plans include updating our wonderful spacious garden to play host to beer festivals, food fares, local farmers markets, weddings, private parties and so much more.

The Glasshouse will be transformed into the pub it’s destined to be, with some amazing new products as well as some of our old favourites.

We can’t wait to launch a terrific new menu, keep our Naepoletana style pizzas going strong, and offer you great seasonal fresh food that will keep updating throughout the year.

Keep up to date over our social media for up to date re-launch dates, and do visit us before we close for one last hoo-hah!