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throw in some funk while you're at it

Don't just sit indoors watching Jools Holland on New Year's Eve - it's all filmed in November and once you know this insider detail  it's difficult to feel in any way festive about it. Instead, get yourself down to the Glasshouse for Soul Funk Secret, who know how to rock a party right. And there's no boogie woogie piano butting in everywhere, guaranteed!

new year's eve 2017 - don't miss it!

SOUL FUNK SECRET is one of the entertainment industry’s top funk, Soul and Pop Rock bands, the band has been playing together for nearly a decade. Featuring top Soul Divas like Sulene Fleming (Brand New Heavies) and Janine Johnson, Vita Ventura, Julian Pais and Lennox Cameron ( Omar) on lead vocals, this band combines an energetic stage presence with an irresistible vintage sound.

A soulful party band with a versatile lineup of between 4/5 and 8 talented session musicians, the performers in this ensemble are some of the industry’s leading musical talents. Providing vibrant covers or their own critically acclaimed original tracks to get your guests into the celebratory mood, our event band performs a diverse repertoire of nu-soul, rock, funk, disco, latin and jazz music. 

Having collaborated with some of the biggest artists in the music industry like Beyonce, George Michael, Tom Jones, Omar, Chaka Khan, Noel McKoy, Nona Hendrix, Bonnie Fields and Martha High ( James Brown) as well as providing musical accompaniment to contestants on Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor, there is doubting the calibre of this lively cover band. Regularly working with prestigious clients such as The BBC,  Sony, ITV.

The Band performed at some of the most important international Festivals like Saint Lucia jazz Fest, Wien Jazz Fest as well as regular house band at the 7 Seas Live Music and 4 Season Hotels in Limassol ( Cyprus), The Three Monkeys in Eilat (Israel),  Club 49 soho (London), Pizza Express jazz Soho ( London), The Bedford ( London), The Griffin in Whetstone ( London)

and many more...  Their first single "Bright Sunshine" released in 2015, reached No3 in the UK Soul Charts and their EP "City Life" was played on the major Digital Radios around the Globe. Their latest single " Sympathy" was released in August 2017 on the Major Digital Platforms and YouTube as a Video.